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Titanium ®

Bionic titanium hand
Latest generation technology
High definition custom aesthetics

The TITANIUM ® Bionic Hand has the structure, color and shape of real hand.

It is the only anthropomorphic bionic prosthesis with phalanx and finger supports in titanium that allows prosthetics while respecting the patient’s morphological characteristics.

Its anthropomorphic characteristics, its gripping power, its functionality, its optional sensory feedback and customized silicone aesthetics make it truly unique.

TITANIUM is an electronic device:

  • Affidabile
  • Funzionale
  • Facile da usare
  • Configurabile per le esigenze del paziente
  • Estetica personalizzata ad alta definizione

TITANIUM ® can be configured with a SENSORY BIO-FEEDBACK device to reacquire tactile sensitivity.

The TITANIUM ® bionic hand can be designed with a customized design for each individual patient.

When the hand is open, the ends of the fingers are apart and when we close the hand, the ends gather in the palm of the hand.

The adaptation to the object is possible only thanks to a mechanical system that can be deformed in the three spatial planes.

Each finger automatically adapts to the object to be taken.

The passive rotating wrist, at 180 °, improves its functionality.

At our laboratories, the team of specialists, with the support of our psychologist, carries out a precise assessment of the feasibility and advantages of our TITANIUM Bionic Hand, illustrating the real benefits for the patient.

In close collaboration with the Italian Institute of Hand Surgery, we are able to prepare patients suitable for the application of the TITANIUM ® Bionic Hand and follow them with adequate and specifically customized rehabilitation programs, in the next phase with “applied prosthesis”.