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ProArt System ®

Patented digital articulation system
Protesi ProArt - braccio mano dita

The ProArt ® system is equipped with a mechanism that allows the automatic return of the silicone fingers to their initial rest position.

Protesi ProArt - braccio mano dita

The concrete applications of this system in the daily and professional life of patients are different and vary according to the skills and needs of each one.

This system finds all its application in the amputations of partial hands, in particular when the patient’s thumb is functional, creating with this a pinch with prosthetic fingers.

The ProArt ® System, patented by Mac Dowell Silicones, is applied to the inside of the prosthetic fingers, to make our high-definition aesthetic hand prostheses functional.

Our experience and our technology, always listening to the patient, allows us to respect his choices, his preferences, recommending him based on our expertise.

The ProArt ® system allows the positioning and maintenance of the silicone fingers in different angles.

The self-locking guarantees a reliable grip and allows you to create an opposition force.

Protesi ProArt - mano

At the Mac Dowell Silicones Laboratories, our team of specialists, with the support of our psychologist, carries out a precise evaluation of the feasibility, advantages and application of the ProArt ® System, illustrating the real benefits for the patient.