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Maxillofacial silicone epithesis

Epitheses with or without implants are used when plastic surgery cannot or does not deem it appropriate to intervene.

Protesi epitesi maxillo facciale - naso
Protesi epitesi maxillo facciale - naso

Deformations in the head area are mostly direct consequences of the disease and tumors, accidents or innate deformities.

Defects that cannot be reconstructed from the body’s own tissue can be artificially reconstructed with epitheses.

The epithesis will be produced individually with hard or soft medical grade silicones in combination with the natural color of the patient’s skin.

In some cases, a 3D surface scanner is used to model the provisional epithesis.

The fixation of the epithesis will depend above all on the anatomical site to be reconstructed and can be performed both with titanium implants or with biological glue.

A medical-grade silicone rubber is used to create facial epithesis for the ears, eyes or nose. Typically, the manufacture of these devices requires a series of fittings to match each individual’s facial features.

The epithesis allows you to temporarily or permanently replace one or more parts of the face.

Dental techniques combined with the often difficult exercise of the design of silicone facial prostheses, are a strength in the possibilities of a good aesthetic realization.

Our company models and manufactures epitheses with the help of 3D for to be setted on conventional implants or with biocompatible glues.

The laboratory is a place of conception and study, it allows the patient to take part in the manufacture of his future prosthesis and to make the most of this foreign body.

Predominantly known from plastic surgery, silicone has become the most important material, it is no longer possible to imagine orthopedic technology without it, especially when it comes to aesthetic needs.

Deceptively real, the connection to the human body seems almost invisible, and can soothe pain in trauma patients in psychological as well as physiological terms.