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Latest generation prosthesis

Iscrizione presso Ministero della Sanità N° ITCA 01027605

Made in ItalyBureau Veritas CertificationAccredia
Protesi ProArt - mano dita

Patented digital articulation system prosthesis PROART ®

ProArt ® is a patented hand prosthesis system with digital articulation that allows the automatic return of the fingers to the initial rest position

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Protesi braccio e avambraccio Gravity

Arm and forearm prosthesis GRAVITY ®

Gravity ® is the new ultra-light arm and forearm prosthesis with variable gravity and weight, adjustable for better patient acceptance

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Protesi Mano Bionica Titanium

Bionic titanium hand TITANIUM ®

Titanium® is the latest generation bionic hand with customized silicone aesthetics that reproduces the structure, color and shape of the patient's hand

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Protesi Mano Bionica B-Titanium

Bionic titanium hand B-TITANIUM ®

B-Titanium ® is the latest generation polyarticulated anatomo-mimetic bionic hand, the most realistic and economic of the bionic hands on the market

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Mac Dowell Silicones is a leader manufacturer of cosmetic silicone for upper limb prostheses. The company’s laboratory, thanks to the professionalism of a highly qualified staff and the constant search for cutting-edge techniques, has become over the years a reference point for numerous patients, who have found excellent answers and solutions for their different problems and pathologies.


Our prostheses are custom-made and therefore highly customized in morphology and color, whether they are finger prostheses, partial hand, complex partial hand, total hand, nose, ear epithesis. Foot prostheses are also custom made. Our aim is to make every type of stump aesthetic without sacrificing functionality.

Aesthetic Prosthesis
ProArt System ®
Gravity ®
Titanium ®
B-Titanium ®
Valentina Acciardi

… at Mac Dowell I met some artists, but above all some wonderful people who helped me ‘get back to life with one hand’ and who every day with love and passion bring back a smile to all the people, children and families who live situations similar to mine…

Valentina Acciardi
Showgirl, actress and model

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