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Gravity ®

Arm and forearm prosthesis
ultralight with gravity system and variable weight

Gravity ® is the new patented ultra-light arm and forearm prosthesis with variable gravity and weight for the rehabilitation of newly amputees or patients with agenesis.

Protesi braccio e avambraccio Gravity

The new ultralight Gravity ® prosthesis, for arm and forearm, thanks to its modular characteristics, allows the best acceptance by the patient.

Gravity ® is an alveolar type prosthesis, designed for excellent strength and resilience.

Under the surface it is provided with soft “shells”, intended to receive the steel counterweight balls to obtain the best balance of the prosthesis.

The balance of the prosthesis can be changed radially and axially by the physiotherapist.

Progressively adding a number of spheres will allow the patient to gradually get used to the final weight of the prosthesis.

The spheres can also be arranged up to the fingers of the prosthetic hand, to facilitate and achieve distal balance without adding excessive weight.

Gravity ® can be equipped with a mobile device inside the prosthesis that allows you to vary the center of gravity of the prosthesis itself, adapting to its position in space.

Also this variant can be modified according to the evaluations of the physiotherapist or the real needs of the patient.

Progressive changes to the translating mass and weight of the device can be made easely.

Protesi braccio e avambraccio Gravity

The new Gravity ® prosthesis finds its ideal indication in amputations and agenesis with short forearm stump.

Precisely in this type of pathology, the center of gravity and weight are of fundamental importance. If the patient so desires, Gravity ® will help the patient to get used to the weight of a future functional prosthesis.