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B-Titanium ®

Children bionic hand
The bigger choice of bionic hands for children in titanium and silicone
High definition custom aesthetics

The B-TITANIUM hand is an anatomic polyarticulated bionic hand prosthesis in titanium, for adults and children in pediatric age with agenesis or who have undergone amputation, entirely designed and manufactured in our laboratories.

 The B-TITANIUM developed especially for children and now also for adults, is a product totally MADE IN ITALY

Protesi mano bionica B-Titanium

Its operating concept is unique and patented.

Thanks to its titanium structure, movements and personalized coloring, the B-TITANIUM prosthesis is the most realistic of the bionic hands existing today for children and adults.

The B-TITANIUM generation provides for children aged 3 to 17, 6 different sizes that allow a targeted choice of the size of the prosthesis based on age and morphology and 4 sizes for adults.

We are proud of having the smallest bionic titanium hand for children in the world, and lot of sizes that permit the best choices for a children

The B-TITANIUM is easy to use for the children, the grasp is automatic.

The hand can be equipped with 1 or 2 motors according to the desired power and a rigid wrist or a soft wrist in shockproof pro-supination.

The B-TITANIUM reproduces the opening and closing movements through electrical signals (EMG) collected by electrodes controlled by the patient’s muscle movements and thanks to its unique patented mechanism, all 5 fingers adapt to the shape of the object to be grasped and held.

Protesi mano bionica B-Titanium

This therefore allows greater freedom and independence for the child who can easily use the prosthesis thanks also to the light and resistant materials of which it is composed.

Our team will take care to prepare you for the use of the B-TITANIUM and accompany you with the help of physiotherapists in the rehabilitation process.

Vantaggi della B-Titanium ®:

  • Adattazione automatica delle falangi per afferrare e trattenere gli oggetti
  • Polso soffice in pro-supinazione antiurti
  • Aspetto realistico
  • Mantenimento dell’equilibrio corporale
  • Prevenzione dei problemi alla colonna vertebrale
  • Riduzione del “dolore dell’arto fantasma” in caso di amputazione traumatica
  • Mantenimento dell’immagine corporea e dello schema corporeo
  • Migliore qualità di vita e riappropriazione dello schema funzionale
  • Reinserimento sociale
  • Maggiore indipendenza